Todays #ootd – 15.02.2017

As featured on Instagram by Michael Kors – #YesKors

Blue was far from my mood today but this back drop is just gorgeous!  If I could insert the hand gesture for perfect in the emoji world I would!

I had a lovely rare day off with my Mr and lucky for us the sun was out. ¬†We went for a stroll around beautiful Falmouth and had lunch on Gyllangvase beach. ¬†Oh and yeah, a chance for some blog shots! ¬†Anyone else’s partner the victim of having to taking hundreds of shots in various places to ensure we are happy with a handful!? ¬†Another reason to love them for sure!

I’m blogging my look from today, this is one of my favourite winter looks. ¬†This Zara coat is a few years old now and is still one of my firm staples. ¬†I love love love it and will probably be wearing it until it falls to pieces! ¬†I love that about clothes you just love to love. ¬†They somehow become part of your identity and you feel you as soon as you put them on.


The compulsory walking shot!


As you may have noticed, I’m carrying (or cradling like precious cargo!) my beautiful new Michael Kors bag. ¬†I knew that this beauty would fit me and my wardrobe perfectly, which is probably why I couldn’t stop thinking about it!


The colours are very me and go with probably about 70% of my outfits! ¬†Its called the Brooklyn bag and is brown tan leather and suede with gold grommets. ¬†I especially love the gold chain as it smarts up the bag and so I would definitely use it for a night out or a more formal ¬†date. ¬†The inside has built in card holders too! ¬†Perfect if you don’t want to carry too much stuff around with you.


Lets also take a moment to appreciate that back drop though!

My gold necklace is from a local boutique called Plum. ¬†Its beautiful and features hanging hammered discs and jewels. ¬†It was ¬£22, a real bargain and I love that I bought it locally too. ¬†If you’re a fellow local, please check them out! ¬†Their shop is in Truro, Cornwall and they stock some beautiful clothes as well as jewellery, candles and now feature books and cushions.

My chunky knit scarf is also Zara.   Again, something I wear over and over.  This for me was inspired when we went to Sweden last year.  I was in total awe of everyone and their fashion style.  It was mostly black ensembles with chunky knit scarves, gorgeous blonde locks and either tan or grey coats.  Um, yeah tick tick and tick (minus the beautiful hair, mine is more frizz chic!).


Oh shit, I just missed my bus!!


Well personally I think 1984 was the best year!  Obvs!

My sunnies are my new New York Prada beauties!  My first ever pair of designer sunnies and these are just fabulous!  Super versatile too, casual or formal whatever your outfit of the day, these go with everything.  I love that they are big frames, little frames do not suit me whatsoever and my faces always looks like it swallowed them up!   Love the Prada embellishment on the side, so chic!


The hut was empty so I left…


Before a little posing of course!

My jeans are from Matalan. ¬†Perfect length and they are high waisted which is perfect for me. ¬†Personally I’m not a fan of hipster jeans as my shape means that I spend half my time yanking them up! ¬†Plus these are great for a little tummy tucking! ¬†Oh and they are only ¬£12.

My new boots!! ¬†These are from Public Desire and feature a perspex heel, so unique I love them. ¬†They also have a clear cut out at each side of the boot meaning that you’ll show a little skin even in winter. ¬†Sexy! ¬†Next time I want to try these out with tights and a skirt as I think they will go really nicely together. ¬†It’s so nice to find boots which have a little something something about them. ¬†Winter seems to last a long time, so when you find styles which beautify your outfit whilst keeping you warm, they are a winner.

Public Desire Sexy Boots

So now I’m sitting here writing this in my comfy PJ’s! ¬† Glam all the way!

Have a fabulous evening.

Love Love

D Xo

London Fashion Weekend Xo

Big Cheesy Grin Alert!  Dress by ASOS, Bag by Benetton, Choker by La Moda and Shoes by Tu.

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to go to London Fashion Week.

I 100% fall into the category of people who are mesmerised by everything Fashion (and yes Fashion with a capital ‘F’ because it deserved a capital ‘F’.

The Designers, the Models, the Photographers, the Writers, the clothes, the sparkle, the razzmatazz and the glamour.  Everything about this industry fascinates me and is one of the biggest reasons I started blogging.

Everyone talks about why they love fashion, all reasons vary and all are very valid.  Yes given, clothes are something we need to wear (unless you follow the naturist vibe!) but for me, they are a representation of you, your personality and how you want the world to see you.  They speak a 100o words before you have even said 1.

On my way, on my way!  Jumper by Benetton and Coat by PLT

Outfits are a collective of how you want to be seen and understood.  They are mood boards, talking points, armour, confidence, perhaps a cover up at times and our own uniform for life.

It sounds serious yes, but not really. ¬†It’s more a way of expressing your personal style and what’s inside your head and your style is your window for the world. ¬†I love that we can experiment, mix it up, have fashion faux pas to our hearts content and discover style in many different ways. ¬†I have a very eclectic style and love trying out new looks, colours, textures and trends. ¬†I can be a bit out there at times, but thats just me and I love it!

Clothes are passion of mine, but equally accessories are too. ¬†They have the ability to take a style from zero to hero and jazz up an otherwise understated outfit. ¬†So more often than not, you’ll catch me in the shoes/handbags/jewellery sections first! ¬†Plus, I am a magpie and I have a special sparkle radar!

So yes, without further ado – LFW! ¬†I can’t tell you how excited I was to be going, it’s one of the most fun and happy days I have ever had and I felt like I was in an environment where I really belonged. ¬†The setting for LFW was absolutely stunning. ¬†Saatchi Gallery is located in Chelsea and the grounds are beautiful. ¬†I felt giddy with excitement waiting in the queue and couldn’t wait to catch a glimpse of all the beautiful things!

Saatchi Gallery

I booked the 9am – 12pm session and what I didn’t realise is that there are limited spaces in order that shoppers can browse without the gallery being absolutely packed to the rafters. ¬†I enter the gallery and am immediately filled with inspiration about how beautiful the building is. ¬†Clothes are on the ground floor, shoes are on the second and accessories are on the top floor. ¬†I’ve a lot to get through as I am also attending a fashion show at 11.30am! ¬†So excited!


The clothes floor is filled with well known designers as well as up and coming designers, all of which fit equally and flawlessly together.  The fusion and buzz around me is so well tuned to the event, what I notice is that everyone I speak to is super friendly too.

Sometimes this industry gives the opposite impression (if you listen and are influenced by the negative or the devil wears Prada effect!), however I have so far experienced friendly and welcoming people who share the same passion you do and are happy to be just as excited and into it as you are.

I sift the rails and quickly spot things that I love (which is quite a lot!).  I did have my eye on a beautiful metallic rose gold dipped hem skirt, but there was only 1 and when I went back to get it Рsomeone was trying it on and bought it Рso word of warning, if you love it, get it!   You will regret it, as a lot of designers, especially the up and coming ones, only carry 1 each of their designs.

Keeping with the metallic theme, I have spotted a beautiful grey metallic bat wing top at Armani Exchange – I make sure I get that one! ¬†Also, if you weren’t already aware, items at LFW are marked down too, so you’ll be sure to grab a bargain. ¬†My Armani Exchange top had 25% off, its absolutely gorgeous.


You could go crazy here, there are rails filled with so many delights its unreal.  Imagine going into a bakery and it being filled with all your favourite cakes in one shop Рits like that!  And its hard to keep disciplined, so my plan was to really hone in on the things I wanted and also good staples that I knew I would wear again and again.

Its hard though, frills (to be a MASSIVE trend for 2017!), texture, sparkle, faux leather, faux fur, bargains and delights everywhere! ¬†It’s not long before I spot a beautiful faux leather skater skirt, which has the most unique laser cut circles on the outside layer. ¬†Simply stunning. ¬†I decide that this is my next purchase and plus its a staple (tick) and it goes with my Armani Exchange top (tick tick).

Next stop, shoes! ¬†Ah shoes! ¬†The wonderful, beautiful, satisfyingly divine world of shoes! ¬†The ‘pop up’ shoe capsule is located on the second floor and it’s crammed with beauties from top end to high street. ¬†I spy a pair of striped canvas flats (yes I did say flats!) which are perfect for a hot getaway.

Beauty Beauty Everywhere!
I went for the dark navy and white pair – lush!

After browsing the collections for ages, and trying my best not to buy a pair at every stand, I decide to head up to the top floor and peruse the beautiful accessories.

Possibly the most beautiful gallery ever!

I walk through the doors and am immediately besotted with all the¬†sparkly and shiny things! ¬†Jewellery is the one big wow statement factor you can make and add some va va voom to your outfit. ¬†If I’m having a month of budgeting and spend my spare pennies on my home or holidays, instead of clothes, ¬†I’ll buy a statement necklace or earrings, because I think they can instantly revolutionise an old outfit and bring it back up to date.

I spy the John and Pearl stand immediately.  I follow this brand on Instagram and love love love their branding, pieces and story.  Go check them out at:  Their pieces are modern, bold, statement and very chic. And also Рunique.

A gold hexagonal bracelet catches my eye so I quickly snap it up, one of my close friends loves it and i wanted to buy her one, but I’ve since found out that it was a limited edition line for Glastonbury and they’ve all sold out! ¬†Wah!

The stands are crammed full of goodies and I am in love with anything sparkly and dreamy. ¬†There is lots of ‘trend’ jewellery around such as personalised necklaces, midi rings, rose gold (love love) and chokers (love love love). ¬† As I am strolling the stands, I come across the Rosie Fortescue Jewellery stand, and OMG there is Rosie Fortescue!

I am usually so shy when it comes to seeing celebs but I bravely ask for a selfie (in fact I think my words were “would you think I was lame if I asked you for a selfie!!?”. ¬†Rosie was really lovely, happily posed for my selfie and didn’t think I was lame or weird (I hope!).

Rosie’s collection was just as gorgeous as her, beautiful midi and stack rings in all colours, heartbeat rings and bracelets (the ones worn across your top palm) and gorgeous bangles.

With the beautiful Rosie Fortescue

This collection reminds me of something for the modern woman. ¬†I find it hard sometimes to find jewellery which is a good balance between trendy, classic and fun. ¬†But Rosie seems to nail this effortlessly, allowing us to channel our inner cool by¬†combining¬†crown topped and stackable rings and¬†kite designs. ¬†The collection¬†also reflects classic glamour with “take me serious” endeavours reflected in¬†the gold choker and matching bangle. ¬†These designs take you from day to night in a wink, and scream “where did you get that”.

I am super into Rose Gold at the moment so I go for a rose gold stack ring with clear stones.  It also compliments and sits naturally against my existing jewellery, which is always a winner because if you are like me, despite having a jewellery habit, I always seem to have the same staples!

So if you’ve noticed a theme, it’s that I have bought something on every floor! ¬†Haha! ¬†Well I wouldn’t want to leave any of them out, that would be cruel – and a waste! ¬†But, I have stuck to my plan of buying an all encompassing outfit and things I will wear over and over, so yeah I deserve a pat on the back for that. ¬†And double brownie points to me for enabling myself to look (and drool) but walk past the handbag stand. ¬†It’s all to do with willpower (and the fact that I am saving for a Michael Kors bag when I got to NY, but thats not the point!).

Before I realise, 11.30am is fast approaching, that can only mean 1 thing – catwalk time! ¬†Do you remember being a kid and feeling giddy at the thought of Christmas or a day out or a treat? ¬†It was like you couldn’t keep your feet still and you were so hyper that you might explode?! ¬†Well yeah, that was me, ¬†it was exciting enough to experience the shopping, but the show – wow – now this is something else!


This is my first experience of a designer catwalk show, and it didn’t disappoint. ¬†The crowd is slowly building and there is a real buzz about the runway. ¬†Fashionistas, fellow models, photographers, designers, press and fashion obsessed bunnies like me take our seats. ¬†The area reserved for the catwalk shows I think¬†is a viewing area for the gallery, it’s perfect! ¬†A long narrow room filled with what can only be described as pews, ready for us to watch gods and goddesses grace the glamour filled room.

The show I see is by the designer Sisley and it is incredible. ¬†It’s also got an edge to it which I absolutely love. ¬†Not afraid to be daring and not afraid to be bold, but equally chic and glamourous. ¬†Texture plays a massive part as does different hem lines, often combined in 1 outfit.

Prints and colour play a big part and lots of purple filled the catwalk.  I love that belts have made a comeback, and often pulled an outfit together as the centrepiece.  The show is masterfully created and the music creates the perfect backdrop and heartbeat to the show.

What can I say, I simply loved it all! ¬†There is something enviably delicious about the catwalk world, as each model effortlessly graces the runway, you can’t help but feel a cinch of enlightenment about the popping bulbs from the press at the everest of the catwalk and them being adored by fashion lovers everywhere. ¬†As stressful as putting together a show must be, the rewards of a successful show and being able to wear such beautiful robes must make it feel like one of the best jobs in the world.

Watching the Show!

Thats why I love this industry. ¬†To me, it feels like a second nature, a love so great that it would never feel like work. ¬†The show lasted 30 mins and I didn’t want it to end! ¬†As we clapped the beautiful models along for their finale, ¬†I was so happy to have been apart of London Fashion Weekend 2016.


I left the gallery with a big smile on my face, one of the best mornings ever so far! ¬†Its given me my first real taste of the fashion show world, and I can’t wait to do it all again. ¬†More and more please!

D Xo

Ps: Some of my Gorgeous Goodies! Xo

Rosie Fortescue Jewellery Stack Ring in Rose Gold & John & Pearl Bangle

Armani Exchange Metallic Bat Wing Top & Es Givien Laser Cut Skirt

Truro Fashion Show 2016

The Little City with the Big Dreams Xo


This year was my 3rd year being involved with the Truro Trend Fashion Show, and each year I feel more and more proud.  I look forward to the show so much and am always so excited to see the outfits and trends for the new season.

To me, the fashion show represents a collective of real community spirit.  It feels like the city is one big family and the shops, owners, designers, models, and most importantly, the gorgeous attendees of the show have all come together to support each other.

For 1 night of Truro Trend Fashion Week, the cathedral is transformed into a stunning fashion spectacle.  As always, the catwalk snakes along the nave of the cathedral and provides as the epicentre for the show.

I have to say, I have made some amazing friends through being involved with the fashion show and I am so grateful for this.  Friends who I am convinced will stay friends for life!

My day of fashion fun started at 4pm, when I visited the very talented and amazing ladies at No8 Hairdressing in Truro.  They transformed my locks into the most amazing high quiff with a back plait.  The ladies worked their magic for 4 shops and everyone looked amazing!  The show oozes professionalism and its really amazing to be apart of.

Sue at No 8 styled my hair in a lightning speed 30 minutes!  Sue is an amazing stylist and cuts and colours my hair outside the fashionista world too!  She is fabulous, I feel totally at ease and have so much confidence in her to know that whatever she creates, its going to be beautiful!  Below is a picture of my hair,  we joke that the blonde bit is a golden curl!  My Cruella twist!


Next up – Make Up! ¬†I head to Jaeger to be beautified by the amazing Hannah of ‘Made up by Hannah Symons’. ¬† Hannah is amazing at what she does and she is one of the most loveliest people. ¬†She adds colour and smoke to my eyes to make them stand out on the catwalk and we go for a bold lip. ¬†I love my eye palette, its very classic and I think the make up compliments the hair perfectly. ¬†Like Sue, Hannah is so natural at what she does and makes you feel completely at ease.

So pampered, prepped and preened, I head to the cathedral for rehearsals at 6pm.  The place is buzzing and gaining the momentum of people setting up their stalls, the bar being stocked, models practising their strut on the catwalk and all the organisers making everything look like its seamlessly fallen into place. I have to give a special mention to Charla who organises this amazing event every year with Truro Trend, without her and her team, the whole thing literally would not be possible Рamazing achievement every single year.

I rehearse shaking my stuff on the catwalk to get a feel for the runway again.  It never fails to amaze me just how beautiful it is and the impressive stature of how it aligns the naive of the cathedral.  It really is and quite rightly so, the centre piece of the entire event, it works so well!

Before we know it, 7pm arrives and we gather backstage to start getting ready.  My first walk is for Jaeger and I am modelling a gorgeous cashmere jumper, super stylish but super comfy black joggers, a black 3D art pendant, a soft gilet and  high heels.  This was styled for me but the amazing and lovely Aimee, store manager at Jaeger in Truro.  I was so excited that the hanging rails for Jaeger are perfectly organised and each of outfits have our name tags on Рso chic!  So fashion show!


This outfit is a perfect style combination and showcases the effortless interchange between casual and smart.  The joggers add a sporty chic element to the outfit, and wearing them with heels convinces me that this is a look I should explore more often.  The jumper and pendant are so versatile that they can be perfect for work, drinks down the pub or even paired with a faux leather skirt to ooze city style.

As always, the time whizzes past, and before we know it, we are heading to the catwalk! ¬† I still get butterflies, but I am super excited too and can’t wait to showcase these beautiful clothes. ¬†Music ready, models ready, in 3…2…1…we are off!

The cathedral is packed full of fashionistas and the crowd are buzzing, cheering us on as we make our way to the top of the catwalk.  Its such an amazing feeling knowing that you are apart of something so special, something unique, and something which has the potential to grow for the community every year.

My next outfit is for the gorgeous boutique store, Plum.  Plum is owed and run by the gorgeous and super sweet Sam.  Outfit number 1 for this chic store is smart casual, and I wore light grey jeans by Maison Scotch, a stunning check shirt and a utterly fabulous woollen coat.  I could totally see myself in this outfit, the jeans were super comfortable and its a perfect transitional coat from Autumn to Winter.  I would wear this outfit with heels for a glass of fizz with my Mr, lunch with the girls or with ankle boots for a shopping day.


The crowd are such a joy to see and I can’t help but give a air fist pump as I walk along the catwalk! ¬†It’s a fab feeling and when you are in an environment where everyone has come together for the same mutual appreciation of fashion, ¬†you feel all warm and fuzzy! ¬† ¬†The fashionistas are in town, and I am loving every moment of it.

Each label does their one run along the catwalk and 30 lightening quick minutes later, we are ready for the interval.

During the second half of the show, I am modelling for Plum Boutique first. ¬†Now, this outfit is simply wow. ¬†It’s a long sleeved lace cream blouse, which I wear with only a black bra underneath and a black midi length skirt with a split to the thigh. ¬† ¬†We set off for our second run along the catwalk and I love love love modelling this outfit. ¬†Its incredibly feminine, shows just the right amount of skin and oozes glamour. ¬†Sam finished the outfit off beautiful with a long length pearl and gold necklace.


I felt the need to shimmy along the catwalk in this beautiful skirt! ¬†I’m not normally so brave, but wearing this exuded my inner lioness and made me feel fab – so I shimmied and sashayed all the way up and back along the runway!


There’s nothing better than clothes that make you feel ‘you’, like an outer skin and something tangible which speaks a thousand words about you, without you having to say a word. ¬†That is¬†exactly how I view this outfit. ¬†I view clothes not as a necessity, but of an expression of ourselves. ¬†They say a lot about us and give us the opportunity to tell the world who we are.

My next and final outfit of the night is for Jaeger.  This is another outfit which is very me and I would happily wear this as part of my daily wardrobe Рa very glamorous and chic part of my wardrobe!   Its a mid length pinstripe shift dress with a calf length gilet (which is reversible Р2 tops for the price of 1!).  Amy finoshes the look of gorgeously with a pair of grey Carvela ankle boots Рso beautiful!

I feel so comfortable, chic and sophisticated in this outfit.  Its so versatile and would suit all ages and styles.  I guaranteed it will sharpen up your work wardrobe, and everyone will be asking where you got it from.   I particularly love the length of the dress,  its sassy without making you feel conscious that its too short.


As the rest of the labels make their way down the runway on their second sashay of the night, the Truro Fashion 2016 is almost at close.

We all gather backstage and take to the catwalk for a group fashion show finale!  There is a fantastic atmosphere and the crowd are so amazing, and give us all a big hurrah.

One thing I am always certain of – I can’t wait for the next, it just keeps getting better and better and I am so proud to be apart of our little city with the big dreams.

Lots of love Sunshines

D xxxxxxxxxxxxx



That Student Life – Adult Ed Style Xo

Hey Sunshines!

It’s that time of year…

So those few words that fill me with routine dread are finally upon me “I’m studying again!” ¬†For anyone that studies, you’ll resonate with this feeling very well.

It’s kind of a combination of – yay lets get it done and crack on, to oh no my life is going to be filled with learning new shit and revision – ahhh!

I admire anyone that works hard to achieve their goals. ¬†I’ve recognised the older I have got that its ok that this comes in many forms too. ¬†Academia isn’t for everyone and neither is a manual job, it’s what suits you is key.

My Niece has gone to Uni today – queue huge tears, feelings of emotion and sentences which begin with “I remember the day you were born…”. ¬† The truth of the matter is that it does feel like yesterday.

My Sister brought home this teeny tiny so small I didn’t want to hold her in case I broke her because I thought she was made of china, baby. ¬†She was beautiful and from day 1 I felt so much love for this little human.

At only 13 myself (yeah yeah go ahead and work out my age, I know you’re already doing it!) we’ve kind of grown up together, and although there are a few miles between us in terms of where we live, I’ve always tried my best to see her as much as possible and we are very much part of each others lives and that’s how it’ll always be. ¬†She is without question an amazing lady, a mature outlook on life, caring, very funny and someone you want to hang out with, ¬†my Jadey Pops as she is affectionately know, JP now she is older and too embarrassed to be called Jadey Pops.

She excelled in school and college and I have nothing but admiration for her starting her new journey at Uni. ¬†I’m so excited for her next chapter and all the stories and memories she is going to create for her world. ¬†I’m looking forward to hearing about her new course, new friends, her travels, working, all the shenanigans and late night FaceTime calls because some boy has been a bit of a shit head!

So to you my JP, that little human who is now a grown up and about to conquer the world, I love you, ¬†I’m super proud of you and can’t wait to share the next chapter with you and beyond! ¬†Our precious little pumpkin xx

Anyway, where was I going with this!? ¬†I’ll dry my tears and tell you about my study journey so far. ¬†So, I started as an apprentice when I was 22. ¬†I didn’t go to Uni and would have done if I had pursued my other dream back then, but that’s what I am doing now! (Hence the blog!). ¬†I admire anyone that does go to Uni and pursues their dreams, it’s a big commitment and to be able to experience it is so very cool and I have heard, has forever memoties.

I worked hard at school and college, wasn’t the brightest by any stretch but I always do my best and work hard. ¬†A mantra that I still maintain in my adult life is that if you do your best, you can’t be disappointed in yourself because you can’t do anymore than that. ¬†However, it wasn’t quite the environment that I felt I thrived in. ¬†Being so painfully shy didn’t help and it was only when I went into the world and pushed myself that I realised it was only me who could change me. ¬†I knew that bubbly, confident person was in there, she just hadn’t had the opportunity to do her thing yet!

I studied for 3 years and even did my final stage in 1 year when it was meant to be 2! ¬†2 evenings a week for a year, no easy task but I was determined. ¬†And I did it all whilst doing a full time job. ¬†It’s not for everyone, but its worked for me and I’ve got a lot of benefit out of studying whilst earning and also learning on the job too.

So I wanted to write about adult education and reach out to those of you like me who are studying and working too.  How do you find it, what tips can you share and would you choose to do it this way if you had the chance again?

I graduated in 2009 as an accountant and I started studying again in 2013 to become chartered. ¬†I’m now on my 7th module of out the first 9 and start my new term next Tuesday evening.

It’s a weird feeling in a way. ¬†Pride, excited to be learning something new, happy to be working towards a new goal, estatic that its a little closer to finishing, along with dread and anticipation of revision and study schedules.

I work full time still and it’s a little challenging at times to know when to put the work pen down and pick up the study one, especially when you work long hours. ¬†And can you believe that after all these years and god knows how many exams, I still feel physically sick before an exam!

BUT – I know its worth it, the rewards are worth it, the hard work is worth it, and for anyone thinking about doing it – do it! ¬† I once read that sometimes people put off doing things because it’ll take too long, but that time goes by anyway so don’t let that put you off, something so true and something I’ve never forgotten!

You’ll thank yourself, you’ll never regret not doing it, even if its not for you, because you tried. ¬†Its not for everyone as I said and you might even hate it at times, but I’m here to say that one career path that suits someone, isn’t necessarily the right one for you.

So, please share! ¬†I’d love to know who else out there shares the same lifestyle and to hear how you find it.

And now you know why I put my ‘creative’ head into my blog and Instagram! ¬†It balances me out and feeds my constant love of writing, lifestyle and fashion.

My top tips for adult ed studying are:

  • Make sure you enrol on the right course for you. ¬†Research it, and unless it’s a lifestyle course, determine whether its something you want to turn into a job or career later on.
  • Create yourself a study timetable. ¬†Be realistic about how long things will take and work out how long you have until your exam. ¬†Tap in exam dates, half term dates, holidays, work commitments, family commitments, weekends away – literally everything! ¬†It will help you to focus your mind onto when you need to do things. ¬†I’ve even broken this down into book chapters before, to give myself clear goals.
  • Balance your life. ¬†OK, so I admit and those I know will tell you, I am so so so super bad at this. ¬†I don’t when to stop sometimes and I will keep going and going whether it be work or personal! ¬†But I am still learning that I need to do this more and more. ¬†Make sure that when you say yes to others, you are not saying no to yourself!
  • Reward yourself. ¬†Coffee, cake, that jumper you’ve had your eye on, makeup! ¬†Whatever your bag is! ¬†You have no idea how fast you can get through a chapter when you reward yourself with shoes…
  • Look to the bigger picture. ¬†Yes this revision is going to take the next x amount of months, but how many years is it going to benefit you for? ?
  • Above everything – NEVER STOP DREAMING AND BELIEVING! ¬†Anything is possible if you set your mind to it. ¬†Oh and never let anyone tell you, you can’t. ¬†I’ve had this several times in my life and the more people doubt me, the harder I work to prove them wrong and do right by myself.

It doesn’t have to be everything either. ¬†Yes a career is amazing and I would tell anyone that would listen if you can commit to it, do it. But fun is good too, and so is doing other things you love. ¬† Be someone with a multicoloured palette! ¬†You’ll have so much fun!

I love my job and its given me a lot of opportunities.  But I love my blog too and am excited about where it can take me.  Fingers crossed, everywhere!

I’ll never give up on my dreams.

Love you Sunshines








The Backless Beauty


Hey Sunshines!

I love stripes, I think they are a total classic and will never go out of fashion, therefore they totally fit my new shopping ideology of ‘buy less but buy well’. ¬†I love the nod to the nautical theme, and the stripes add a level of sophisticated glam to any outfit.


This beauty is from Zara and I absolutely love it. ¬†Backless dresses have been a fashion envy of mine for a long time. ¬†I’ve always lusted after them but never worn them until a) I was a bridesmaid for my best friend last year and wore a low scoop dress, realising that I can find underwear to suit my shape and b) I watched numerous re-runs of one of my favourite programmes Sex and the City and realised that SJP had it so right!



She proved that to wear a backless dress, you don’t have to be faced with the fear of letting your bb’s go free or search for hours for the perfect stick on bra – just wear your bra on show! ¬†Voila! ¬†It really is as simple as that, it looks just as gorgeous with or without it.


This look totally works for me, you can glam the look up with different colour bras and most importantly you can buy these gorgeous dresses without having to worry about the underwear issue!  Hurrah!


The backless dress has a certain sexy edge to it,  I would say sexy sophistication.  A lady at the front, a little bit of sass at the back!  Just how I like it!


I will be experimenting with these dresses a lot more in the future.  How low can I go!?


Love Love xxxxxxx