A Monochrome Moment


There is something so stylishly effortless and timeless about monochrome.

You can wear it formal or casual and still look super polished.  I love that monochrome isn’t something which simply a trend or a fad.  It’s something that has always been ‘in’ and in my opinion, always will be.


I styled this outfit last Sunday when I went to the Porthleven Food Festival in Cornwall.

My top is by AX Paris, the trousers are from Tu Clothing @ Sainsbury’s and my shoes are from Marks and Spencer.  I really like the touch of snakeskin from the shoes which add a different dimension to the look.  My sunnies are from Ebay.  Funnily enough, I searched high and low for these over a year ago and they were so hard to find, however they seem to be everywhere now and I still love them very much.

I always like to style my outfits and give thought into what I wear, as much as anyone sometimes you don’t feel it or sometimes you just feel pants.  This outfit instantly gave me a lift and a mood boost and I felt good in it.  I went into the supermarket before we headed to the food festival and this lovely lady walked down my aisle and said “wow, I love your outfit, you look amazing!” she was so sweet and I felt very honoured.  Plus isn’t it nice when a stranger compliments you?  I’m all about paying it forward and moments of kindness.  You could, without knowing it, make someone feel better and smile if they are having a bad day and that makes me feel happy.


We went to the food festival, and then headed to the beach where we did this mini shoot, isn’t it stunning?  So lucky to have these kind of backdrops and opportunities to shoot amazing pictures.  We then proceeded to have a nap to sleep off our food (as you do) and then headed back to the festival for the music.

I just love the balance between simplicity and style of this look.  You look ‘made up’ without trying too hard but it’s comfortable and interesting at the same time.  The top has a cold shoulder look with a bat wing effect, which adds a girly touch.


Not sure what that orange thing is photobombing my pic, but its not my prop!

Anyhoo, expect to see this outfit a few more times over the summer from me!  I may mix it up with different accessories and shoes too, thats the other beauty of monochrome, it goes with anything and you can add additional colour pops to it – ow especially with a handbag, how dare I forget!? (hmm not likely!).



Enjoy your weekend Sunshines!

Debs Xo


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