My Museum

This is a very different type of post for me, but I started thinking about this subject after a conversation with my Hubby on the subject of possessions.

So my question to you is this, if you had your own Museum that completely represented you, what would you put in it?

The more you think about this question the harder this becomes! ¬†I’m thinking that this will evolve over time, and maybe even change depending on what you experience in life. ¬†But if you were to choose now, so far, what would it be?

It can be anything you like, it can be things which you think represent you the best and when people see them, they instantly think of you!  It can be an experience that meant so much to you, a photo which speaks a thousand words, a ticket stub, an item of clothing/accessories, a card, a note, a letter, whatever you love and has the most value to you.

I guess my ultimate thinking is around what makes us feel like us? ¬†Although most of us love the material things, I myself especially. ¬†As a youngster, I didn’t have lots of ‘things’, we weren’t poor but we didn’t have holidays or the latest gadget, we were a modest family who had the things we needed.

As an adult, I do like to indulge, not because I’m spoilt and not because I’m greedy, but because I feel I work hard and I like to experience the good stuff. ¬†I love my holidays and travel as you know, and I love love to shop. ¬†I also love to treat others and see them happy too. ¬†So yes, in short, I love to indulge in the material and to be honest in healthy doses there is nothing wrong at all with that.

But I am also fascinated by the immaterial. ¬†Because what our travels so far have ironically given me, is those ‘moments’, those intangible, priceless moments which give you that warm feeling of happiness and feeling grateful. ¬†Perhaps we can’t separate them? ¬†Because some of the material, provides us with the immaterial?

It’s a great conversation piece and I would love to hear what you would put in your Museums! ¬†So drop me an email, comment on this post or Instagram me!

For me, I think so far it would be; a picture of my wedding day, pictures of my husband and my family, pictures of my friends, our house deeds, my music playlist, my diary, holiday journals, metro ticket stubs from our first trip to Paris (it was also our first ever holiday together!), the tickets for our trip on the Maid of the Mist (Niagara Falls), my running race medals, a pair of trainers, my recipe book, an Audi badge, my London Fashion Week Ticket, a receipt for my Louis Vuitton purchase and my first Michael Kors bag (haha).  Am I allowed a Chanel lipstick in here!?

Oh my goodness, this is so hard! ¬†Good job this post wasn’t ‘name 10 things only…’

I may need to give this more thought!…

Debs Xo







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