Age is just a number…right!?

Garnier 2

So I’ve reached that all important milestone in my life, and it’s probably not what you’re thinking.  In fact I’ve actually been putting off this ‘milestone’ for quite some time.

I actually realised I needed to start thinking about this when watching the X Factor and realised I was in the ‘overs’ category!  I mean, come on!  Over 25, wow you’re so over the hill, absolutely past it and my god why are you even thinking you’re still young!?

I’m now actually a few, well rather a lot, years past that now and so the time has come….yep thats right, I chose my first anti-wrinkle cream!  Whoop!  Que deflating balloon…!

A major part of my beauty routine is trying really hard to protect my face from the sun.  I wear make up most days with an spf and when I am on holiday I cover up with high factor, shades and a hat.  So in theory, my face will look pristine whilst the rest of me will look like a 100 year old piece of leather!  Nah, not really I do wear lots of fake tan with an spf and I do wear cream a lot on holiday.  However, despite my best efforts I have been noticing those dreadful (and dreaded) lines.

These dearest things seem to form in the laughter lines around your eyes in the corners especially and also what I like to call my ‘wtf’ line, right in middle of my forehead!  Aren’t I lucky that my hated mono-brow from a teen has turned into a wtf line as an adult!

So time to do a little something to change up my routine and incorporate – drum roll – the anti wrinkle cream! NOooooooooooooo!  I was on a mission, pretty packaging and non-greasy – this is really important as I cannot stand greasy creams and I proceed to put it on and swiftly take it off as I can’t stand waiting 8 hours for it to blend in, only for you to wash it off when you wake up anyway, plus I don’t think its fair to my hubby for him to be sleeping next to an eel – even if he may like that.

Oh and another factor – the cost.  Seeing as now this is going to be a staple – did I actually just say that?  My anti-wrinkle cream is now a staple!?  So yes it needs to be cost effective as I will probably end up dunking my whole head in it.

I recently came across the Garnier collection, whilst pursuing the anti-wrinkle section in my dark glasses and a very large hat.  What drew me initially was the very classy packaging – dark red and the container is the perfect size for bathroom and for travelling.  The second was the cost – such a good price and the price point is such that you can factor it into your regular beauty regime.

And now for the most important bit – is it good!?  Well quite simply it’s fantastic!  The cream is really lightweight, non greasy, super absorbent, smells lovely and leaves your skin feeling fresh and pampered.  I have been using the cream now for about 8 weeks and I notice a difference to my so called lines.  They are fainter and less noticeable, especially when I am wearing make up.

I used to think that high street brands wouldn’t have that good as effect but this one is a great find.  I think it looks super glam too!  This one is definitely on the staples list and will sit nicely on my dressing table next to my dentures.

So seriously, for all those fellow ‘overs’ all is not lost, and this is more about preventative more than the fact that you are over the hill.  It’s great to get into a routine of loving your skin and also trying to banish those wrinkles before they appear, once they are there it is much harder to get rid, than to be pro-active and stop them happening to start with.

Someone said this to me when I was in my early 20’s, when I was far too young to even consider what a wrinkle or even a beauty regime was.  Mine included falling asleep with my make up on only to spend an hour trying to scrub it off in the morning along with having to wash all your pillows.  Or if I was feeling really rebellious, I would stay in the make up, add some more and go back out!

So love your skin, treat it like you do any other part of your body.  It will always thank you for it.

Debs Xo









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