It’s not a diet…its a lifestyle

Brain Fud

Hey Sunshines!

I was recently delighted to be a guest blogger for Brian Fud, creators of a delicious new energy drink.  My published article is below, hope you enjoy the read!

You can view my published article here:    and also find Brain Fud on Twitter @BrainFud and Instagram @ Twitter or their website:


I love strong brand names, the kind that when you hear it, you know exactly what it stands for. ¬†After a long process and many years of going back and forth with diets, exercise and weight loss, I am now at a place in my mind (not including the odd ‘off’ day or two!) where I realise that what I get out is what I put in.

I was therefore delighted when a fantastic company called Brain Fud (Instagram @BrainFud and Twitter @BrainFud),  approached me to write an article around the topic of motivation and health.   Brain Fud are the proud creators of a natural energy drink, and as those who follow me know, I am all for fresh and funky!

When I read the email from Brain Fud, I immediately knew what I wanted to write about…balance.

Where it all started – with funky trainers


I know what you’re thinking…not another blog post bleating on about making the right decisions, eating healthy and making good choices. ¬†Well, in a way it is, but with a difference.

I don’t preach and I don’t expect anyone to have the same approach and ideologies to food and exercise as I do. ¬†We are all individual and we all have our own views and ways of making things work for ourselves, thats what makes us human. ¬†But what I do like to think, is that I can talk a little from experience.

The subject of lifestyle can be controversial. ¬†We all know someone who is being criticised for being too thin, too large, too un-healthy, too fit and can’t let go, vegans, gluten free and those on some weird and wonderful detox, ya know, the kind whereby you eat cauliflower 4 times a day and loose 10 stone by the end of week 1…

I believe that you have to find what works for you. ¬†I also believe that you can be either too one way or the other and the most important word is therefore ‘balance’. ¬†When it comes to lifestyle, the most important aspect of course is health. ¬†This comes into play whether you are under or over weight and it is so important that it is priority number 1.

I myself was always on the larger side of ok. ¬†And in fact I wasn’t ok and at the age of 22 I had high blood pressure, could barely run for 3 minutes and was 2 3/4 stone heavier than I am now. ¬†Fast forward 11 (ahem) years and my life couldn’t be more different from where it was then. ¬†When I look back, the craziest part of it was that I had more ‘guilt’ about what I ate then, than I do now, ¬†and I think thats because I knew if I didn’t get it under control, it would end up controlling me.

For Me,¬† Goals¬†and Treats¬†keep my mind ‘balanced’.¬† One of my first 1/2 marathons.


Along with a radical change to diet, I was also very very honest with myself.  There was no more avoiding the scales, mirrors or ingredients about what I was shovelling into my mouth. I also found running, which has now become one of my great loves.  I have learnt so much, but more importantly I am still learning.

The biggest thing I have learnt is to find what works for me. ¬†Whether it be a run in the morning in order that I can enjoy a dirty burger on a Saturday night or having treats on the weekend because I know that’s now not my norm. ¬† Don’t get me wrong, if this isn’t you then that’s cool too and there are days when this isn’t me either.

The thing which has the biggest part to play here is moderation and making those metaphorical scales equal.  As long as you are healthy and happy and have found the answer to your own; exercise + diet = harmony, then I salute you.   Your mind has a massive part to play in this.  How you view yourself and how you think others view you too, so keeping your mind balanced is vital, this includes finding a happy medium between keeping yourself on track and motivated whilst also finding a happy medium in order that you can enjoy yourself.

After all, the biggest judgement comes from ourselves and if you can find your inner parity, then stick to it. ¬†Have that greasy fry up on a Sunday, have that choccie bar in the afternoon and have the odd occasional cry when you feel like you’re just not getting there. ¬†¬†Just don’t unpack your suitcase and stay there because you deserve to have it all and thats when things spiral out of control. ¬†Kick your heels and dust yourself down and pick up where you left off.

Everyday brings the awakening of a new start and a new opportunity, so embrace it to the fullest.

Love Debs Xo




Lashes for Days


People often talk about ¬†‘must have’ make up essentials, and for me, mascara is something which will always be a staple in my kit. ¬† Finding the right mascara is so hard, and I find it as¬†tough as searching for¬†the perfect foundation.

I’d be interested to know how you like your lashes to look. ¬†Do you like the natural look and go for 1 or 2 coats, or do you like full on luscious lashes with enough coats to hang wallpaper?

I’m an all or nothing kinda gal myself. ¬† I like multiple coats to make my lashes really stand out. ¬†I also like lots of texture, nothing too thin but equally nothing too clumpy. ¬†I ¬†like my mascara brush to be quite thick to apply the coats equally but in good volume.


I have tried so many over the years, its crazy! ¬†I’m always in search of the perfect mascara and being a total make up addict, this has been an enjoying search I admit.

I have total love for my current mascara and I have now been using it for over a year.  This one is by Rimmel and is called Extra Super Lash.  Its really lightweight, without being wishy washy (polite words for thin and rubbish on application!) and the brush is the perfect size.  Not so tiny that you can hardly apply anything and not so big that you end up feeling like your applying your mascara with a broom.

I apply about 4 coats, and it gives me the look that I love. ¬†Lash separation whilst still looking full and extended perfection. ¬† Whats even better is that this mascara gives that ‘false eyelash’ look without the need to fake it. ¬†I have had a lot of people ask me what mascara I use, and they are always pleasantly surprised when I tell them its Rimmel, as opposed to a really expensive designer brand.

Thats the beauty of high street brands, they have gems like this that shine and we can experience make up perfection without the high end price tag.  That means more pennies for more amazing products!

I can’t recommend this product enough. ¬†If you love full on lashes then this is definitely for you!

Debs Xo


Looks of the Month


I love playing dress up. ¬†I’ve decided that its something we never really grow out of, only grow in to.No matter what the occasion I absolutely love piecing an outfit together, sometimes I give it lots of thought, other times I like to think effortlessly (polite word for those can’t be bovvered days!). ¬†But one thing is certain, I absolutely love to feel and look my best.


Image conscious? Perhaps.  Fashion obsessed?  Absolutely.  Hey, its fun and I really believe that clothes and accessories are something to be celebrated.  I have said it before, that I feel how you present yourself is a total reflection of you.  It speaks a thousand words before you say one, and your outfits are like your uniform.


They don’t have to conform, they don’t even have to be ‘in trend’ ¬†they just have to be you.

One particular outfit got me thinking about this, this week. ¬†It was the blue midi skirt and rose gold shoe combo. ¬†Before leaving the house I suddenly thought, um am I a bit too dressy for work? ¬†I even threw a pair of ‘dressed down’ shoes in the car just in case I couldn’t pluck up the courage to wear the outfit in full. ¬†However, I got in the car and thought – no, I am absolutely going to wear this. ¬†What is wrong with being dressy? ¬†And what is wrong with wanting to getting a little glammed up? ¬†It doesn’t have to be for a night out, you could just be popping to the shops but if it makes you feel good then do it.

Debs I Phone May 2017 470

Fashion is to be celebrated and to be appreciated.  It expresses you and I love that.  I makes us feel better, makes us feel good and makes us feel confident.  And I love that too.


Here this is a round up of a few of my favourite looks from the month.

So get your glad rags on and show the world what you are about.  Even if you are just popping out for a pint of milk!

Debs Xo

Debs I Phone May 2017 384

Testing, Testing….123 #model


So…I don’t profess to be a ‘model’, at all in fact. ¬†What defines the word anyways? ¬†To me, the evolution of image and our ever-growing acceptance of many different visuals of the human body means that the term ‘model’ can include and embrace art and beauty in a vast array of ways. ¬†And I think that’s just fabulous.

I love my blog, it gives me the opportunity to embrace what I love – fashion. ¬†I have worked hard over the years to love my body and accept myself for who I am. ¬†I don’t think I am 100% there yet but I have made vast improvements in my thought processes since my youth, trust me. ¬† What my blog allows me to do is express myself and to learn to love myself, and what is wrong with that? ¬†Nothing at all.

Social media, allows us to think that blogs and people taking endless selfies (myself included) are vain and self-indulgent. ¬†For some people that may be true, but I think that there are a lot of people like myself who suffer from confidence issues and use this platform as a way to be a little extrovert, have the opportunity to ‘model’ where in days gone by wouldn’t have been considered, have fun most importantly embrace fashion for the everyday lady or guy.

You’d be forgiven to think that when looking at my Instagram page, those little squares of modesty are a reflection of someone who is totally at ease with herself, however in my mind I am allowing myself to feel ok about myself and to think ‘yeah’ I can allow myself think I look ok today. ¬†Too often we fall into bad habits of thinking that if we do this, we are far too self-absorbed. ¬†But what ever happened to self-love? ¬†What happened to looking in the mirror and thinking, yeah I look good and I feel happy about myself? ¬† It unfortunately gets overtaken with Hmm yeah you look alright but….

I am all for changing this perception. ¬†It’s not a happy nor healthy place to be and it’s not something I would promote to anyone. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should go around checking ourselves out at every window and car wing mirror Grease style. ¬†But I am saying that we all deserve to feel beautiful and feel good about ourselves, no matter who we are, what we look like and whatever our definition of a model is.

Social media gets a bad wrap, and to be fair sometimes it deserves it. ¬†In the modern world it has created a lot of negatives and there are far to many to go into here. ¬†BUT there are some positives. ¬†A massive one is the evolution of the blogger, now how cool is it that you can become an icon, a brand rep, a role model, a model and not have to fit into what used to be a stereotypical box? ¬†We’ll always have supermodels and hallelujah¬†for that, ¬†nothing gets me more hooked than fashion week and the supermodel is an icon to behold and long may it continue. ¬†But I think that it is so revolutionary cool that us everyday mortals can also have a little snippet of the glamour.

So to this end, I attended a ‘model’ school. ¬†I wanted to get some tips on how to style and pose for my blogging photos and most importantly how to feel comfortable in front of camera. ¬†I am ok, ahem, no let me change that, I am very happy with the results and I throughly enjoyed the day. ¬†Because if you are happy and doing what you love, you are beautiful anyway.

The Model School was courtesy of Impact Modelling in Cornwall which is run by the lovely Juliet Matthews.  I had a fantastic day and we did role play, which is great for getting your confidence up and feeling better about speaking in front of a group of people and also in front of the camera.

There was a lovely make up artist on hand to make you up if you wanted it and also a fantastic hairdresser.  I did my make up for the day and the hairstylist curled it for me, I was so happy with the look.

We also got the opportunity to do a modelling shoot which included single and group shots. ¬†Emma of Griffin Photography styled and shot our photos, she was incredible and I felt entirely comfortable in front of Emma’s camera. ¬†Feeling at ease when you’re at the end of a lens isn’t an easy thing to do, but Emma made me feel myself from the start and I really feel that she got the best out of me. ¬†I think my comfort and happiness shows in the pictures – I hope you agree!

As part of the modelling school, you get to keep your pictures too which is fantastic for growing your portfolio, Juliet of Impact Modelling also gives lots of advice and tips for finding your feet in the modelling world.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was fantastic to get advice and professional shots.  I highly recommend the modelling school, they run twice a year.  If you do go, remember to take your props!  Mine included;  flowers, bags (obvs), 4 changes of clothes, magazine and headphones.  I wanted to include things which represent my personality and my favourite shot is the one throwing the flowers in the air.

So get in front of the lens and don’t be afraid to be you, when you’re happy it shows in every picture.

Hope you like!

Photos courtesy of Griffin Photography and Model School by Impact Modelling

Debs Xo



Age is just a number…right!?

Garnier 2

So I’ve reached that all important milestone in my life, and it’s probably not what you’re thinking. ¬†In fact I’ve actually been putting off this ‘milestone’ for quite some time.

I actually realised I needed to start thinking about this when watching the X Factor and realised I was in the ‘overs’ category! ¬†I mean, come on! ¬†Over 25, wow you’re so over the hill, absolutely past it and my god why are you even thinking you’re still young!?

I’m now actually a few, well rather a lot, years past that now and so the time has come….yep thats right, I chose my first anti-wrinkle cream! ¬†Whoop! ¬†Que deflating balloon…!

A major part of my beauty routine is trying really hard to protect my face from the sun.  I wear make up most days with an spf and when I am on holiday I cover up with high factor, shades and a hat.  So in theory, my face will look pristine whilst the rest of me will look like a 100 year old piece of leather!  Nah, not really I do wear lots of fake tan with an spf and I do wear cream a lot on holiday.  However, despite my best efforts I have been noticing those dreadful (and dreaded) lines.

These dearest things seem to form in the laughter lines around your eyes in the corners especially and also what I like to call my ‘wtf’ line, right in middle of my forehead! ¬†Aren’t I lucky that my hated mono-brow from a teen has turned into a wtf line as an adult!

So time to do a little something to change up my routine and incorporate – drum roll – the anti wrinkle cream! NOooooooooooooo! ¬†I was on a mission, pretty packaging and non-greasy – this is really important as I cannot stand greasy creams and I proceed to put it on and swiftly take it off as I can’t stand waiting 8 hours for it to blend in, only for you to wash it off when you wake up anyway, plus I don’t think its fair to my hubby for him to be sleeping next to an eel – even if he may like that.

Oh and another factor Рthe cost.  Seeing as now this is going to be a staple Рdid I actually just say that?  My anti-wrinkle cream is now a staple!?  So yes it needs to be cost effective as I will probably end up dunking my whole head in it.

I recently came across the Garnier collection, whilst pursuing the anti-wrinkle section in my dark glasses and a very large hat.  What drew me initially was the very classy packaging Рdark red and the container is the perfect size for bathroom and for travelling.  The second was the cost Рsuch a good price and the price point is such that you can factor it into your regular beauty regime.

And now for the most important bit – is it good!? ¬†Well quite simply it’s fantastic! ¬†The cream is really lightweight, non greasy, super absorbent, smells lovely and leaves your skin feeling fresh and pampered. ¬†I have been using the cream now for about 8 weeks and I notice¬†a difference to my so called lines. ¬†They are fainter and less noticeable, especially when I am wearing make up.

I used to think that high street brands wouldn’t have that good as effect but this one is a great find. ¬†I think it looks super glam too! ¬†This one is definitely on the staples list and will sit nicely on my dressing table next to my dentures.

So seriously, for all those fellow ‘overs’ all is not lost, and this is more about preventative more than the fact that you are over the hill. ¬†It’s great to get into a routine of loving your skin and also trying to banish those wrinkles before they appear, once they are there it is much harder to get rid, than to be pro-active and stop them happening to start with.

Someone said this to me when I was in my early 20’s, when I was far too young to even consider what a wrinkle or even a beauty regime was. ¬†Mine included falling asleep with my make up on only to spend an hour trying to scrub it off in the morning along with having to wash all your pillows. ¬†Or if I was feeling really rebellious, I would stay in the make up, add some more and go back out!

So love your skin, treat it like you do any other part of your body.  It will always thank you for it.

Debs Xo









A Monochrome Moment


There is something so stylishly effortless and timeless about monochrome.

You can wear it formal or casual and still look super polished. ¬†I love that monochrome isn’t something which simply a trend or a fad. ¬†It’s something that has always been ‘in’ and in my opinion, always will be.


I styled this outfit last Sunday when I went to the Porthleven Food Festival in Cornwall.

My top is by AX Paris, the trousers are from Tu Clothing @ Sainsbury’s and my shoes are from Marks and Spencer. ¬†I really like the touch of snakeskin from the shoes which add a different dimension to the look. ¬†My sunnies are from Ebay. ¬†Funnily enough, I searched high and low for these over a year ago and they were so hard to find, however they seem to be everywhere now and I still love them very much.

I always like to style my outfits and give thought into what I wear, as much as anyone sometimes you don’t feel it or sometimes you just feel pants. ¬†This outfit instantly gave me a lift and a mood boost and I felt good in it. ¬†I went into the supermarket before we headed to the food festival and this lovely lady walked down my aisle and said “wow, I love your outfit, you look amazing!” she was so sweet and I felt very honoured. ¬†Plus isn’t it nice when a stranger compliments you? ¬†I’m all about paying it forward and moments of kindness. ¬†You could, without knowing it, make someone feel better and smile if they are having a bad day and that makes me feel happy.


We went to the food festival, and then headed to the beach where we did this mini shoot, isn’t it stunning? ¬†So lucky to have these kind of backdrops and opportunities to shoot amazing pictures. ¬†We then proceeded to have a nap to sleep off our food (as you do) and then headed back to the festival for the music.

I just love the balance between simplicity and style of this look. ¬†You look ‘made up’ without trying too hard but it’s comfortable and interesting at the same time. ¬†The top has a cold shoulder look with a bat wing effect, which adds a girly touch.


Not sure what that orange thing is photobombing my pic, but its not my prop!

Anyhoo, expect to see this outfit a few more times over the summer from me!  I may mix it up with different accessories and shoes too, thats the other beauty of monochrome, it goes with anything and you can add additional colour pops to it Рow especially with a handbag, how dare I forget!? (hmm not likely!).



Enjoy your weekend Sunshines!

Debs Xo


Bath Half 2016


Wowsers, ¬†where does the time go?! ¬† ¬†It’s over a year since I completed my second Bath Half Marathon, ever since, I’ve been wanting to write a blog about this race because its just such a fantastic experience.

As I started writing this, the 2017 Bath Half was well under way and I always get the familiar pings of “I wish I was there!”.

For anyone who is either a keen runner or just starting out, if you haven’t done this race – you must! ¬†¬†For me, Bath is breathtakingly beautiful anyway, so to run it and see it from another perspective was just fantastic.

048 - Copy (2)

The first time I ran The Bath Half, we were in the middle of moving house, so we literally drove up and back in 1 day!  How crazy is that!?  BUT I loved it all the same and I actually ran a really good time, it was my first PB, perhaps the early mornings are good for me!

My Hubby was incredible, he drove us all the way up and back and supported me on my run, cheering me on like a groupie! ¬† And this is something he always does, I’m so lucky and grateful to have someone so supportive of my ventures.


The bath route is truly beautiful, and it gives you a real flavour of the city.  With every race I have done so far in a city, I always feel that they go right through the heartbeat of the place you are in.  You are able to take in such wonderful sights, amazing crowds and all the best bits.

There is so much preparation and effort that goes into the Bath Half.  From the PR material, newsletters, goodie bags, the runners village, the medals and the amazing photos you can buy, its a really special event and the whole city gets behind it.

The first time I ran we used the park and ride – such a good top tip! ¬†There are regular services into the city and its a really good hassle free way of getting in. ¬†The second time, we had a bus stop right near our hotel and were able to hop onto a regular service. ¬†If this is your first time running Bath, or especially if this is your first time to Bath, make sure you know how quickly you’ll be able to access the city in good time for the race. ¬†You normally want to give yourself at least an hour to be able to visit the runners village, get yourself zoned in, have a wee and most importantly stretch and soak up the atmosphere.

The runners park is full of tents with useful info, things to collect, lockers, charities, food and drinks stall, registration and loads more. ¬†This is situated next to the start area. ¬†To be honest, even if this is your first time, you’ll be able to follow the crowds and find your way to the starting area!


As you enter the city and the crowds start gathering, the atmosphere is electric.  There are smiling (and slightly nervous) faces all around, everyone is taking pictures, laughing, stretching and gearing themselves up for the challenge ahead.

Like migrating animals, everyone starts making their way to the main runners village. ¬†There is always such an air of excitement with races and without fail I get butterflies every.single.time! ¬†It’s a combination of hoping you’ll be ok, wondering what time you’ll get, will you get a PB, will you feel strong, the crowd, the roaring cheering, the press, but most of the overwhelming feeling of knowing you are doing something incredible.

Once you become a regular runner, its very easy to get swallowed up into expecting more; wanting faster times, PB after PB, improved fitness, longer distances, better nutrition, feeling stronger, the list goes on. ¬†But at this moment, both the start and the end of a race, I always take myself back to the first time I ran and how this moment makes me feel I have done something very amazing and the fact that its not easy. ¬†I was someone who had high blood pressure at 22 and when my gym instructor said to me, right run for 3 minutes, I looked at him with a perplexed look on my face and said “3 minutes, seriously?”.


So for all of you who are new to running and you’ll be running your first race, ¬†trust me, you’ll be fine and you’ll find the strength to get through it. ¬†You’ll look back at some points and wonder how you did do it, ¬†but in those moments you feel like giving up, you won’t let yourself do it. ¬†It’s only when I put it into this perspective that I realise how far I’ve come.

It’s amazing how quickly the time goes when you’re nervous! ¬†So soon enough we’re all taking piccies with loved ones and friends when they go off for probably a pint and some cake and us runners make our way to the start line. ¬†Each runner is categorised and you make your way to your designated¬†section dependent on your expected finish time. ¬†This is so not everyone is running to the start line in a stampede and gets the right amount of start line credo.


This bit always makes my tummy flip!  The waiting area for runners is designated right along Great Pulteney Street, which is absolutely stunning.  It is the widest Georgian boulevard in Europe and is the most beautiful start line.

There is always an air of anticipation and all are eagerly awaiting that 10am start time. ¬† When the runners start moving and you know you’re off, your whole body buzzes with excitement¬†as you cross the start line and draw in the electric atmosphere.

Make sure you soak up every feeling of the start and finish line. ¬†It’s something you will never forget. ¬†Running the route itself its nothing short of phenomenal. ¬†Every part of the route is lined with amazing crowds, volunteers, bands, families, friends and humbling stories everywhere.

A marathon will always be somewhere you feel an over brimming feeling of love.  No matter what the reason for someone making their trainers hit the tarmac, the result is the same Рpride, happiness, thought of those they are running for and the most incredible sense of achievement.

What you’ll see along the way:

  • The first mile is downhill down Pulteney Road to Churchill Bridge
  • Two identical laps from Churchill Bridge,
  • Green Park Station
  • Queen Square (the most crowded spot for spectators on the course)
  • Charlotte Street
  • Upper Bristol Road
  • Newbridge Road
  • ‚ÄėTwerton Fork’¬†towards the City centre
  • Lower Bristol Road,
  • Churchill Bridge
  • Green Park again for the beginning of the second lap.
  • At the end of the second lap the runners pass across Churchill Bridge
  • Back up Pulteney Road
  • Finish in Great Pulteney Street.

The course if fairly forgiving (apart from one major hill!) UGH! ¬†Its a great course to get a PB too. ¬†I’m always so blown away with the bands along the route, its such a fantastic motivator and creates a wonderful atmosphere. ¬†As with any race, you’ll feel like you want to give up, this comes in many forms and as weird as it sounds, I find the early part of a race the hardest. ¬†The further I go, and the more my body gets warmed up, the more and more I want to push myself to finish the job.

The finish line is amazing! ¬†The streets are lined with family, friends, loved ones and spectators and you’ll run a flat back along Great Pulteney Street. ¬†Incredible! ¬†Because you can also see the large clock, you’ll want to sprint to the finish line! ¬†I don’t mind admitting that I have cried every time I have finished a competitive race. ¬† It is completely overwhelming and its a mixture of pride, relief and also feeling incredibly humble.

You’ll be guided back towards the runners village, where you’ll proudly collect your medal, have a few proud pictures and pick up a well earned goodie bag with a treat or 3.

So the moral of the story is and as cheesy as it sounds, give yourself credit, remember how far you’ve come and always feel accomplished. ¬†Because not everyone could do it, and if it was easy – everyone would!

My Top Tips:

  • Plan your route into the city centre
  • Tie your timing chips to your laces ahead of time
  • Make sure you write your next of kin and details on the back of your number
  • Take a warm top with you that you would happily throw away, to wear at the start line to keep you warm (there can be a little hanging around)
  • Research restaurants before hand, and know where you want to eat the night before
  • Take food with you that you have been training with. ¬†I didn’t eat the breakfast available at the hotel, I ate what I was used to as I didn’t want to take the risk of something not agreeing with me!
  • Have a wee before you go to the start line, you don’t want to be thinking about wee-ing too early on!
  • Agree a meeting point with family and friends for after the race, as they wont have access to the back of the runners village
  • Enjoy every moment – take it all in

My Bath Half 2015 – 2:21
My Bath Half 2016 – 2:18 – PB

Hope you had an amazing race – well done and congratulations! ¬†You’re incredible!

Debs xx