Hi Glow – Lets Glow Get ‘Em!


It’s no exaggeration when I say I have been in love with the Hi Glow products since the day they arrived on the shelves.    And it’s no surprise really given they combine my two favourite things about beauty and fashion – golden shimmer and an amazing fake tan!  If you follow my Instagram page you’ll know that I am absolutely obsessed with anything gold.  I have it in my wardrobe, my beauty shelves and all over my house and so when these products arrived I just knew they’d be a bit of me!

Err just a tad!

I have tried so many beauty products over the years and no doubt I will try many more.  But I am always searching for the ‘ultimate products’ to combine so many things we lust after and lots of products miss the mark.

So how do I define an ‘ultimate beauty product’?  Personally this is something which you love, is totally your style and seamlessly slips into your beauty routine and becomes a firm staple of yours.  When that realisation kicks in, you know you just can’t be without it and they are your ‘take to a desert island’ products, they define you.

Where all great beauty product love affairs begin – highlighting your ahem assets

I love it when this happens because it is so rare!   What makes these Hi Glow products even more rare and amazing is that I love all the products in the range!  I use the body cream and shimmer stick every single day and use the others around once a week.  Also,  one MAJOR thing you should know…when I gush about things on social media and my blog posts, I promise you it’s because I both love it and I am behind it.  I wouldn’t ever do this with something I didn’t have a passion and interest in…so without further a do…

If you do follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I am always gushing about Hi Glow products, so I wanted to go into more detail about why they are so good and why I love them – other than my constant ‘I LOVE YOU’ on my InstaStories!  Though that’s a pretty big compliment and I’m not sure you need much more but here goes!

So continuing on that theme and after sharing many of my love stories on Insta about HiGlow (no doubt I will be sharing many more!) the amazing team sent me a beautiful box full of their goodies to try.  I was absolutely blown away by the parcel I received and when I lifted the lid, it was brimming with golden goodies!  It was like Christmas Day and I can’t thank the HiGlow team enough!  THANK YOU!



Although I love make up and beauty products so much, my staple items form a very small circle of close intimate friends in my make up bag and so to say that HiGlow (especially the body cream) are part of my staples is probably the biggest compliment I can give.

My favourite and ultimate products are ones which give the ‘one stop shop’  effect.  So many products I’ve tried only offer one speciality, be it shimmer, tan, illumination, staying power, smell, thickness of the cream, non-greasiness and the list goes on.  Quite often you need to use a multitude of products to get the effect and look you want.  But not with these!  Each product gives you a total combination of everything you are looking for and that for me is what makes them so special.

Radiance & Glow Body Cream


My absolute favourite product of the entire range!

I apologise to all the other body creams out there – SORRY!  But this really is the best body cream I have ever used!  I really can’t imagine loving or being as impressed with a body cream just as much as I am with this!   As I mentioned, I use this every.single.day.  I started using it at weekends or nights out out, but I am so addicted to it and its one of those products which is an extension of my make up routine,  that I use it everyday.

It gives you insane shimmer and glow – like literally – and the staying power of it is, I promise, all day.   The texture is thick and glides on like silk, but it’s not greasy at all and doesn’t leave any residue on your hands.   It acts as a tanning product or tan enhancer, it illuminates, wait…I’m not finished…and it covers a multitude of sins and blemishes.  I have tiny little veins on the back of my legs and this conceals them.

The way it moisturises your skin is amazing too.  My skin looks super soft and the amount of compliments I’ve had and questions about what I use and have on my skin is off the scale!

Shimmer Stick


If you could only pick one beauty product to take with you on holiday, this would be it!   This product absolutely defines ‘good things come in small packages’.   It may be little but wow is it powerful!  I am so super impressed with the intensity of the shimmer of this product.  As with the body cream, its non-greasy, so easy to apply, it has shimmer level 100 and its such a convenient size you can just pop it in your make up bag.  (Check!).


As you can see, I have used mine so much that the all the writing has worn off the packaging!  And thats another thing, the packaging is super convenient too because it’s like an illuminator and has a twist up and down action.  Meaning that you incur no residue to your hands, which is epically convenient when you need an express getting ready session or just need to top up your glow!


I love applying this to my cheek area and collar-bone, it really pops if you’re wearing a v neck top.  I especially love pairing this with gold jewellery, it looks stunning!

Goody Goody Glow Drops


My holiday was the first time I used the glow drops – and wow!  I love the sun, but I always use a high factor and use fake tan to achieve that bronzed look and this product absolutely makes my tan pop.   I would compare it to a daily moisturizer, used alone it makes your skin look dewy and refreshed or used with fake tan and highlighters, it adds a gorgeous golden tone to your skin that screams holiday!

It has a ‘test tube’ application which means minimal mess and it blends so easily onto your skin.  The size is excellent too, fantastic for travelling and really lightweight.

This is absolutely fantastic for highlighting certain areas such as your cheekbones, collarbone and chest area.  I have also used it over the top of bronzer on my eyelids, to give a more intense colour.

I’m also going to try blending this with my foundation to give that dewy glow – I will let you know the results!

Light Shimmer Oil


THIS PRODUCT!  WOW!  How pretty is this packaging?  I mean come on!  There seems to be a similar theme with all Hi Glow products – they are so easy to apply, have minimal mess and the intense shimmer created by them is so amazing.   This one is no different!  This also makes your skin super super soft and adds a different golden hue to your skin rather than a bronzed effect.  It reflects the light absolutely beautifully and simply glides onto your skin.  And when I say glide, I literally mean glide, its so lightweight you can’t even feel it go on!


I used this product whilst on holiday this summer in Italy and I absolutely love it .  I used it to highlight my chest area, sholders and collarbone in this picture which was perfect for a bardot top.  I think it looks really lush with the raspberry lipstick colour too.

When you think ‘oil’ you think its going to be really greasy on your skin when you apply it, but no, those cheeky clever people over at HiGlow have done it again and created a product which when applied leaves absolutely minimal trace on your hands and amazingly they dont feel like you need to give them a good wash to get rid!  Perfect for me, as it drives me crazy when you do!

Not that the product lasts very long!  But the packaging is so pretty because it is in glass and when the sunlight beams off of it, it looks insanely pretty!

Facial Bronzing Balm


This is another ‘first’ product for me and it didnt disappoint at all.  I rarely go without make up – queue various warnings to my man, friends, work colleagues, postman and next doors cat that indeed yes it is me and not someone else.  But this product gave me a lot of confidence.

This is another product which again would happily sit and act perfectly amazing on its own or used with other products to perfectly enhances them.


As I mentioned, I have used this product on its own, something I rarely do as I use foundation most days.   However, it gave my skin an amazing, almost filter like, hue.  It complimented my natural skin tone whilst perfectly highlighting my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.  I also swept it over my lids for a dewy glow.   I have also used it combined with my foundation and highlighter (above) and the results are amazing!

When mixed with your foundation, it adds an extra layer of contour to your skin and adds definition where you need it.  The creaminess of the product blends perfectly with foundation and creates a perfect foundation and highlighter in one – whats not to love!?  I also loved the glow it gave to my skin, especially my cheeks.   This is an extra must do if you’re having a tired day and need an extra va va voom for your make up ritual!

In essence, for me, the whole collection is a complete success.  I haven’t met a HiGlow product I haven’t liked!  And I am pretty sure I won’t!    I think the collection will continue to grow with the same eminence it has to date.  Its so fresh, trendy and completely answers all beauty blogger shimmer prayers.

I love that the brand is by Rochelle Humes, she makes it so relevant and so accessible to a big market. And the products look amazing on her!  I always feel that these days its so hard to tap into the beauty market not least because there are so many amazing brands, but there are so many products to try and brands that are doing it really well.  However, HiGlow has totally managed to tap into a market and brand all of its own and the products speak for themselves.  They are fantastic value for money too, especially for their amazing quality and exceptional results.

They are a modern, chic and are a totally unique set of products which not only make your beauty shelf look divine with its beautiful packaging, but they also completely live up to every expectation you have of beauty products.  Intense colour, golden shimmer, staying power, day to night vibrancy, non-greasiness and intense glow.  The list is endless!  Lets Glow Get Em’!

Some of my Buddies chilling by the pool

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