My Signature Looks Part 1


I have wanted to create a blog post about my make-up for ages and I am so happy to finally write and publish this!

I absolutely love make-up.  I am absolutely one of those girls who has been obsessed by it from an early age.  I would spend hours, days even, experimenting with make up in my room and trying different looks when I was younger.  It has taken me years to understand technique and what works for me and to be honest I am still learning now, and still get it wrong!  I think thats the beauty of beauty, it is forever evolving and there are always new products to try, techniques to master, trends to brave and looks to try and perfect.  And that’s what I love about it most, its for everyone and there is something we can all try and there will always be looks to suit us all.  Its so vast and enjoyable, I love it!

For me initially, make up was an armour and to be completely honest it still kind of is.  Just not in a bad way anymore.  I used to use it to hide behind because of my complete lack of self confidence and esteem as a kid.  I felt like if I wore makeup, it would somehow make me a different person and my hang ups about skin, my looks, my weight or a combination of all 3 would somehow completely disappear.  Um no.  It did temporarily, but as I have got older I have realised that it’s a true cliche that it comes from within and loving yourself is something you have to learn, rather than something you temporarily feel when you put make up on your face or make yourself look different.

I feel much more ok about this in my 30’s than ever before.  I still have times when I feel like the same 13 year old with all those hang ups and they creep back in, but I am learning that my feelings were about confidence, a need for a change of lifestyle including eating and fitness and most importantly emotion that comes from learning to love yourself – thats all around you and not just in these things.    I cannot tell you how much of a big deal it is to share a blog post with pictures of myself with zero make up on.

It sounds ridiculous to some people, vain to others and to the rest, they get it.  There is absolutely nothing to hide behind.  My acne scars, blemishes and imperfections are no longer being hidden by lashings of foundation or layers of mascara.  Its pure, its real and its me.  And for the first time ever, this is ok!

Ironically, as critical as social media can be, its also played a big part in helping me do this.  A new generation of people saying, hey do you know what, this is me and I like myself and I am proud to show my bare naked face – it is so refreshing.  I realised that it was nothing to do with not wearing make up, it was everything to do with learning to be ok with me, when I was always the first person to put myself down.  I was always ok with me inside, but outside needed more self love.

Nowadays, I am happy that actually make up for me is more of a fun addition.  I love it!  People say, Oh why do you wear so much make up!?  And I reply – because I love it, I enjoy it, it makes me feel good and groomed and glamorous and who doesn’t love to feel like that!?  I do wear a lot at times and fake tan too, but it makes me feel good.  I love the natural look too and days at home when I love nothing more than to slather myself in moisturiser and nothing else.  And now that I am older its not because its overcompensating for a lack of confidence elsewhere (well, a little still maybe!), but I actually really like it!  I know some people mean it as a compliment which is nice but others say it because they think you look overdone.  Rude no?  I wouldn’t dream of saying to someone why don’t you wear MORE make up!?   Same goes.

So in the essence of make up being all things fun, I give you my first signature look.  I currently have 2, one is nude shades, shimmering hues and pinks and the other is red red red.  So lets start with the red, because in my opinion, red lips will always be in fashion and will always be a classic.  Fact – they always take a look from meh to fabulous – instant glamour guaranteed!    Having red lips actually makes me feel strong, even when I’m not – shout me a message if this is you too!

So red lips – you are my weekend plaything and I love you!

The Bare Naked Facts


So Hola!  This is me!  A real life goofball in all my glory! Ha!

Laying the foundations


My foundation of choice for everyday use is the Rimmel UK lasting finish foundation and the shade I use is 200 soft beige.  I like my foundations very matte with lots of staying power and this foundation is perfect for that.  I have tried so many, but this one lasts all day and gives the ultimate coverage.  I have combination skin and have an oily chin, forehead and especially nose!  Because of the coverage and literally lasting finish, I only really notice some oil right at the end of the day.

It also doesn’t need much touching up (if any!), only a little if you’re going from day to night.  I have tried so many foundations and a lot of the ‘matte’ ones are ok to start with, but by the end of the day my face almost looks sweaty – this does not do that at all and my skin looks fresh all day.  For me, being someone with olive and oily skin, its a revelation!  Insert hallelujah emoji!

I apply all over with a sponge and give a once over including my neck and jaw line to avoid the gravy line!  And then I apply a second coat to my eyelids, chin, nose and under eyes.  I also add a little to my lips.  TOP TIP – This gives a really good base for when applying eyeshadow, bronzer and lipstick or gloss.  When applied to my lips, I blot and then its a fantastic base coat for your gloss or lipstick.  They stay on much longer.


Squze’ the pouting!  It gives the best idea of the contour and coverage!

Bronzed Goddess


I have been using this Collection matte bronzer in Terracotta for years and years and years for my everyday make up!  I love it because its super matte and gives a gorgeous contour to your face.  I’m not a fan (shock horror!) of shimmer bronzers.  I like a matte bronzer and then to add shimmer with a powder or separate highlighter.

I add a generous sweep to my cheeks, a very tiny amount to each side of my nose and just a touch to my chin and forehead.   For about a year now, I have also been using this as an eyeshadow and sweep a couple of layers across my lids.  I love the bronzed glow it gives without adding too much and because its been used in other areas on my face, its  perfectly complemented.


Baby I want my Brows this Wwwwaaayyyyyyyyy! (Lady GG voice!)

Eyebrow grooming and eyebrow make up is a relatively new thing for me.   I have always plucked my brows, perhaps sometimes a little too much!  That comes from having a really bad monobrow as a kid!   But I only got into putting make up on them about 3 years or so ago.  My current fav is the Rimmel Brow This Way grooming kit and I love it because it has an all in one system.  It has a powder, a gel, a brush and a comb.  I groom with the powder and brush and then set with the comb and gel.

Queue power brows!

Sorry its scruffy!  Too much overuse!

Lashes for Days

I’m an all or nothing girl when it comes to mascara.  The in-between one coat look doesn’t do anything for me at all and I envy anyone who can do this!  This mascara ticks all my boxes, ahem.   It sounds strange but I use 2 at a time.  This is my secret weapon!

One mascara is an older one and I use this as a base and apply 2 coats, the other is new and I apply ooooh – lashings of layers!  In between setting the coats, I apply either my lippy or gloss and then re-apply another coat.  Leaving each coat to settle and dry a little gives a good base for the next one.  I swear by this routine!  If you give it a go let me know how you get on and whether it works for you too.

I use this mascara everyday and it is the Rimmel Extreme Volume in Extreme Black.  It really does give you that ‘false lash’ effect – incredible!   I have had quite a few messages on instagram and people ask me too,  if my lashes are fake – thats how good this mascara is!


Its all in the kiss

When it comes to my pout, I’m one extreme or the other.  I am either super matte or lashings of gloss.  The only time I’ll wear an in between is if I am having a light make up day or going to the gym.  Even then, it will be lip balm with a tint!  In between colours and pastel colours don’t seem to suit me, I experiment so much with make up and just find that these types are the ones which suit my skin tone the best and also don’t make me look washed out.  I also love anything which gives you a glow.


So for this look it is – Chanel Baby.  My lipstick of choice is always, always, always matte – anything else just makes me look washed out and if I want sheen, I go for a gloss.

My absolute favourite red is Rouge Allure Velvet in Number 46.  I add one coat of lippy, blot and then re-apply.  When I blot I find it makes lipstick even more matte and also the lipstick has more staying power.

There is something very powerful and sexy about red lips, don’t cha think…


To Finish


I have said it before (and before and before on several occasions), this product is absolutely amazing!

This is the best product I have found, ever!  I must admit I am not usually a girl that does body cream, I always have good intentions but then somehow either forget to apply it or I am in too much of a hurry to get my fluffy PJ’s, ahem, I mean glamorous babydoll on  in the evening and I never get around to it!

However, this is a game changer, and I am absolutely addicted to it.  The shimmer and glow of this product is insane and the way it makes your skin look is incredible.  I have never found anything which gives you so much glow and shimmer at the same time and makes you look absolutely sun kissed.  I AM HOOKED!   It also (seriously) disguises blemishes on your skin and smooths out lines and veins, it really makes your skin look airbrushed.  Honestly, its not like me to have such solid staples but this product is just incredible.  Did I mention how amazing this product is!?  And without fail I apply this!

So what are your signatures looks?


Love Debs Xo



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