The Year of the Rucksack!

So we’ve all been there…laden with arms full of shopping, handbag strewn over your shoulder, hot and sweaty from carrying what seems like an amount of clothes fit for a 2 week holiday and bags hanging off every available limb! Enter the rucksack!

For me, the rucksack is the perfect bag partner. Don’t get me wrong, I love a tote bag just as much as the next girl, but a rucksack provides so much more freedom. Be it shopping, travel, a day out at the beach, there’s nothing better than popping a handy rucksack on your back to house all your belongings. Plus I think they are perfect for yummy Mummy’s who need hands free!

Once upon a time the rucksack was only for either hikers or college kids, but recently we’ve seen an influx of gorgeous rucksacks be it luxe leather, quilted, holographic, designer or stud heaven. Not only are they good for casual days but there are also versions which go perfectly with a smart outfit.

My recent Instagram post (check me out at my_wardrobe_utopia) sees me teaming mine with my favourite Zara coat, leather trousers and black boots.

They make getting about hassle free and also I’ve found it good for those of us who have bad backs as the weight is more evenly balanced. I have a weakness in mine from 2 slipped discs when I was younger and occasionally carrying a large shopper bag gives me a bit of gip!

A favourite of mine is one I recently purchased from select fashion –

It’s available in black or tan and I went for the black version as that’s what I’ve been after and the gold trimmings perfectly compliment it.

It has adjustable straps so you can wear it loose or close to you. A gold clip down fastener and gold studs at the sides of the bag so you can enclose the contents more securely.

It also has a mobile phone pocket inside and also another pocket for lipstick (that’s what they are for, no?!).

I love this bag because it’s smart and not at all bulky. It fits quite a lot in it too but not too much that it becomes heavy.

Definitely a classic, I can tell I will be using this for a long time to come and it’s on my list to take with me during my Christmas break! Hands free to blog! 😘

Wardrobe staple born!

Love Debs XoXo




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