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I’m thinking of making this a regular feature on my blog.  Anyone else tired of their ‘nice’ clothes sitting in the wardrobe for months on end, waiting patiently to be worn on a night out, only to be overtaken by something else bought recently because you feel like you’ve got nothing to wear!?

Well, yes I am completely guilty of it.  So I’ve decided to wear my ‘nice’ clothes all week long including for work, including my ‘nice’ shoes as I feel its only fair to my wardrobe!

If you follow my Instagram feed, you’ll know that I love to play dress up and I really enjoy styling an outfit and putting it together.  Not only that, it makes me feel good, so who doesn’t want to feel good all the time?

Summer especially, gives us the opportunity to experiment even more with colour, bold prints and styles which are a little more daring.  I’ve really enjoyed my outfits this month and am trying to incorporate as much colour as possible.  The best part is also finding little gems in your wardrobe that you’ve long forgotten and styling them into modern and on trend outfits.  And this is probably why I find it so hard to throw things away!  Here are my favs from this month.


 It would only be right to start this blog post with a nod to the perfect summer bag, and the straw beach bag trend is very much underway. Its a gang I’ve wanted to be in for ages but couldn’t find the ‘right’ one, until this!  I spotted it at a friends house and I immediately knew I wanted it too!  I thought she was going to say it was mega expensive but its from Primark and a bargain at £8!   It’s straw, massive, has a zip, has pom poms and is pink, whats not to love!?


 I have had so many compliments about these trousers!  They are beautiful and an absolute steal at £14 from Florence and Fred at Tesco.  Every time I wear them, I get asked where they are from and I’ve had lots of the same comments on Instagram.  They went like Nutella on a crepe with this beautiful mesh bodysuit from Boo Hoo.  This was also my first time wearing a bodysuit and it definitely wont be my last, such a lovely addition to an outfit, they add an element of class and the shape you get from them is brilliant because it makes your outfit look svelte.  My rose gold metallic shoes are from Peacocks, a regular feature on my page and a lovely finishing touch.


I have had these dress for about 6 years, I love it!  I first wore it to one of my oldest best friends wedding.  Again, I have had a lot of people ask about this dress, its so colourful and you would never fail to feel summery wearing it.  It’s from Dorothy Perkins, the cut is perfect and nips you in at the waist and the length is just right.  I teamed it with these gorgeous lace up shoes from Matalan.


Black is the new black.  And black clothes can definitely feel summery.  This dress reminded me of a flamenco dress with its flared skirt, and the feather like tassels at the bottom add a feminine touch.  This dress is from Very, and the high neck also adds a smart feel which is why I felt I could wear it for work.  I team it with this B-A-Baracus, Pity the Fool (The A Team for all you youngsters!) multi chain necklace.  Again, this is such a versatile necklace, Ive had this for about 3 years and wear it all the time.  It goes with anything and adds instant va va voom.  It’s from Accessorize.


Ugh, I love this skirt!  I am falling more and more in love with full midi skirts.  They tick so many boxes for me; instant glamour, sexy, right length, suits any body shape and they suit any colour and print.  This one is from H&M and has an almost scuba like feel to it.  The print is timeless and is also goes with heels or flats.  Annnddd – it has pockets!  An absolute bonus!  I love pockets and if I’m being honest, I get even more excited about buying something if I know it has pockets!  My top is from ASOS and is wrap around, so it went perfectly with this skirt.  My shoes, now these beauties are a new addition and are from Matalan.  They are sling back flats and the reason I love them is for the shape at the front.  I think this style is going to be big big big this summer and we’ll see lots of girls ditching their much loved heels for these stylish and comfy flats.


When the weather is supposed to be like Summer, but it hits the skids, I tend to retreat back to trousers and long sleeves, but I don’t want to feel like I completely going back to hibernation.  For this look I teamed this gorgeous mustard H&M fine knit long sleeve top with these gorgeous navy cropped Primark trousers – these are new and are only £8 – they also come in a variety of colours!  Go get!  To add the My Wardrobe Utopia edge, I teamed with my trusty leopard print heels from Peacocks.  Another go to accessory which instantly makes me feel me.

Staying on the leopard print theme, I teamed this top from Primark, which has lace edging at the top with these fab cream trousers from Dunnes department store.  This look is a little more conservative but is perfect fi you have meetings or want to look professional but still have that stylish edge.  Teamed with heels it works perfectly for those colder July days.


This outfit was my perfect throwback.  To a time when ombre was not only in your hair but also on your clothes.  To me, it still looks really trendy and thankfully the trend wasn’t ‘overdone’ to the point where you get sick of it and then it ends up looking unfashionable.   I bought this beauty about 3 years ago and still love it very much, its from Primark and I team mine with a gold better for that mediterranean vibe. It goes really well with flats too, so if you want to wear something to make you feel glam but not too over the top (question – can glam ever be over the top!  Que pondering emoji!).


I mentioned this on my Instagram feed.  I love belts!  I used to be obsessed with them when I was younger and no outfit was complete without a belt. Even if the outfit didn’t need a belt and didn’t have belt loops, a belt was still present!   However, this is my first chunky belt purchase for a while.  Its the perfect addition and is by Ralph Lauren.  I cannot wait to wear this more and more and by styling it here one cold June day, made me realise that it is an all year round belt.  I cant wait to team this with a fine knit sweater, blue jeans, some white pumps and big sunnies.  I love summer, but this very concept makes me excited for Autumn!

Debs Xo

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