Lashes for Days


People often talk about  ‘must have’ make up essentials, and for me, mascara is something which will always be a staple in my kit.   Finding the right mascara is so hard, and I find it as tough as searching for the perfect foundation.

I’d be interested to know how you like your lashes to look.  Do you like the natural look and go for 1 or 2 coats, or do you like full on luscious lashes with enough coats to hang wallpaper?

I’m an all or nothing kinda gal myself.   I like multiple coats to make my lashes really stand out.  I also like lots of texture, nothing too thin but equally nothing too clumpy.  I  like my mascara brush to be quite thick to apply the coats equally but in good volume.


I have tried so many over the years, its crazy!  I’m always in search of the perfect mascara and being a total make up addict, this has been an enjoying search I admit.

I have total love for my current mascara and I have now been using it for over a year.  This one is by Rimmel and is called Extra Super Lash.  Its really lightweight, without being wishy washy (polite words for thin and rubbish on application!) and the brush is the perfect size.  Not so tiny that you can hardly apply anything and not so big that you end up feeling like your applying your mascara with a broom.

I apply about 4 coats, and it gives me the look that I love.  Lash separation whilst still looking full and extended perfection.   Whats even better is that this mascara gives that ‘false eyelash’ look without the need to fake it.  I have had a lot of people ask me what mascara I use, and they are always pleasantly surprised when I tell them its Rimmel, as opposed to a really expensive designer brand.

Thats the beauty of high street brands, they have gems like this that shine and we can experience make up perfection without the high end price tag.  That means more pennies for more amazing products!

I can’t recommend this product enough.  If you love full on lashes then this is definitely for you!

Debs Xo


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