The Backless Beauty


Hey Sunshines!

I love stripes, I think they are a total classic and will never go out of fashion, therefore they totally fit my new shopping ideology of ‘buy less but buy well’.  I love the nod to the nautical theme, and the stripes add a level of sophisticated glam to any outfit.


This beauty is from Zara and I absolutely love it.  Backless dresses have been a fashion envy of mine for a long time.  I’ve always lusted after them but never worn them until a) I was a bridesmaid for my best friend last year and wore a low scoop dress, realising that I can find underwear to suit my shape and b) I watched numerous re-runs of one of my favourite programmes Sex and the City and realised that SJP had it so right!



She proved that to wear a backless dress, you don’t have to be faced with the fear of letting your bb’s go free or search for hours for the perfect stick on bra – just wear your bra on show!  Voila!  It really is as simple as that, it looks just as gorgeous with or without it.


This look totally works for me, you can glam the look up with different colour bras and most importantly you can buy these gorgeous dresses without having to worry about the underwear issue!  Hurrah!


The backless dress has a certain sexy edge to it,  I would say sexy sophistication.  A lady at the front, a little bit of sass at the back!  Just how I like it!


I will be experimenting with these dresses a lot more in the future.  How low can I go!?


Love Love xxxxxxx


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