Wardrobe Recycle #ootd


New styles from an old wardrobe!

This is my new take on #ootd which is all about mixing the old with the new!

I’m coining it my ‘wardrobe recycle ootd’. It’s a way of sharing styles and shaking up my wardrobe!

I’ll be tagging details of where my items are from, some will be new & some will be older, but the idea is to shake it up and come up with new ways to wear outfits!

I wanted to do this feature to re-discover old clothes, refresh them to fit new styles and trends and also to find new ways to style up my own clothes.

We’re all guilty of saying ‘I’ve got nothing to wear!’ when we’ve got a wardrobe full of clothes we haven’t worn in yonks, so this is all about dragging out those lost clothes and remembering why we bought and loved them once upon a time!

I’m really excited to do this and it’ll also give me lots of reasons to clear out my wardrobe and really have a good spring clean! Something we all put off right!?

Plus, it’s January, which means everyone is watching the pennies after the festive period so to discover existing clothes is a winner!

Todays work wear was all about New Look! I wore a grey knitted jumper (which has lace detail at the sides) a tartan shirt, faux leather skirt, black patent shoes and a camel coat with PU sleeves from Zara (which features just as much as my pink beanie!).

Hope you like it and hope it gives you some ideas-please share yours too, I’d love to see them!

Have fun sunshines! ☀️

Debs xx 💗


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